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What would you guess is biggest complaint by visitors?

Posted on April 10, 2014 by in Place

Drayton HallNearly 5 million visitors come to Charleston annually. Here’s how their favorite experiences rank:

  • Food and restaurants — 73.4%.
  • Historical ambience — 56.9%.
  • Historic sites and plantations — 46.2%

The survey, done by College of Charleston’s Office of Tourism Analysis in the Business School, also ranked dislikes, and they turned out to be so minimal that 60% of the respondents listed nothing at all.

Here’s what the other 40% cited as negatives:

  • Weather — 7.9%.
  • Parking — 7.2%.
  • Costs — 3.3%.
  • Traffic — 2.1%.

The survey is chock full of fascinating information about visitors, who now number 5 million annually, the biggest percentage of whom come in the month of February.

Photo: Drayton Hall.

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