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Charleston named to five ‘Beeriest Beach Towns’

Posted on July 4, 2014 by in Food

Charleston a 'Beeriest Beach Town,' July 2014Charleston has a new “best” — one it can, literally, drink to. It’s been named one of the five “Beeriest Beach Towns.”

The honor was bestowed by Craft Beer, which is administered by the Craft Beer Association, which represents 2,000 craft brewers and 43,000 home brewers, and, among other things, lobbies for less-restrictive state and local laws that will benefit the growing craft-beer industry as it tries to reach discriminating beer fanciers.

Among the many local temples to craft beer are the Charleston Beer Exchange, a downtown bottle shop with more than 900 brands,Bay Street Biergarten Edmund’s Oast ,farther uptown, which has been named one of the Best New Beer Restaurants, Westbrook Brewing Co. in Mt. Pleasant, which has been named one of the top 100 craft brewers in the world, and recently opened Bay Street Biergarten, where you can draw your own.

Craft brewing is so big in Charleston it has its own association, CHS Beer, whose members include 14 retail stores, eight brewers and 27 pubs and restaurants.

While craft beers account for only $14.3 billion of the overall $100 billion U.S. beer market, they’re growing at a 20% clip.



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