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Men out-earn women in Tri-County

Wage gap for Tri-County women mirrors U.S.It’s a man’s world in earnings by gender in Tri-County. In Charleston County, the average of men’s pay is 73% higher. In Berkeley County it’s 45% higher and in Dorchester County, 37% more. The numbers show that the pay gap by gender in Charleston County is much higher than the overall U.S. rate, which is 50%. Photo credit for woman assembling engine at North American Aviation plant in Los Angeles during World War II: Library of Congress.

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Child poverty’s wide reach in Charleston…

Charleston child  poverty tops U.S. rate, American Community Survey, 2013

…and Tri-County

Charleston poverty highest in Tri-Counties, 2008-2012, Census BureauWhere middle class cluster

Communities with most middle class

 Where poverty is greatestCommunities with most poverty, IRS, 2008

 Most affluent ZIP codes